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Cesar Augusto Canizales

Dr Cesar Augusto Canizales Santamaría

MBBS - Dip Bs Mg - Grad cert Eng - CEO Y fundador

Dr canizales is graduated from Universidad Tecnologica of Pereira in Colombia in 2007. During his professional life has been recognized for provide support for communities in need. Despite to be a successful practitioner and manager in Colombia he decides to migrate to Australia 6 years ago there he studies business management and human resources . Apart of this all the experience lived in his process of recognition as a doctor provide all the vision to create this programs which helped uncountable professionals

RN  Natalia A Gaviria Osorio

RN Natalia A Gaviria Osorio

Manager General - Registered nurse

The RN Natalia is graduated from Libre University in Colombia

Highly experienced in management and critical care migrated to Australia five years ago where she increased her studies making her ideal for the program providing all her Australian experience

Didier Andica

Dinier Arley Andica Suárez

Graduated as English teacher with Universidad Tecnologica de Pereira

Dinier is a passionate professional regarding new teaching methods with more than 5 years of experience in public and private sector he has been an active member in several projects with the national aiming to promote and encourage the English language learning in Colombia. Apart of this he has been trained by Southampton university in united kingdom regarding English use a a lingua franca. Is a responsible a respectful trainer appreciated by all the community around him.

Professor Robert Fitz-Walter

Professor Robert Fitz-Walter

Master of Education - Grad. Cert. (OET IELTS TESOL)
TAA (Training and Assessment)

With more than 25 years of experience professor Robert has been a pioneer and recognized OET and IELTS trainer in Queensland. His work has made an important contribution to medical education. All this added to his love for the Latino community and passion for teaching make him perfect for our programs

Alexander Rua

Jhon Alexander Rua Ochoa

Fisrt certificated in English evaluated by Cambridge University

The professor Alex obtained his fisrt certificated in English evaluated by Cambridge University he migrated to London in 1999 in which he studied the language. In Colombia obtained his degree as English teacher with Universidad tecnologica of pereira. All of this plus more than 10 years of experience teaching making him an exceptional asset for our programs.

English fluent and French speaker is friendly make all the efforts for obtain possitives outcomes with the students


  • Consulting in education and migration in order to emigrate in a temporary or permanent basis to Australia
  • Specialized consulting regarding the process of recognition/homologation of all health professions in Australia
  • Personalized recognition/homologation plans in short or long term based on each situation.
  • OET PREPARATION PROGRAM (OCCUPATIONAL ENGLISH TEST ) OET has been developed specifically for 12 healthcare professions. The test simulate real workplace tasks and test relevant language skills for each profession
  • Occupational english programs for small groups and corporations
  • Professional consulting regarding job seeking in australia